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Quality above all

Our Bespoke Products To
Promote Your Brand

If you have just started a new garment business or own a boutique and having trouble in getting small quantities of labels and other accessories, we have most cost effective solution for you. We call it "BRANDING FOR LESS"

Quality above all

Our Bespoke Products To
Promote Your Brand

Woven clothing labels give a high-end impression on your product and prominently display your brand name, logo and contact information. Our labels have excellent depth of detail, luxurious to the touch, and pleasing to the eye. Our woven labels will help you turn your project into a work of art from start to finish. Prices start from USD 145 for 500 pcs.

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Top 5 Reasons

To Order Clothing Labels From Atam

1. No Minimums :-

You can order as little as 50 pcs.

2. Low Prices :-

Being Direct Manufacturer you don't have to pay middle man money.

3. High Quality :-

Being authorized suppliers for world's leading brand we guarantee same high quality standards for your labels.

4. No Shipping Charge :-

All our prices are to your door steps.

5. No Setup Fees :-

We provide you free digital scan of your lables before order processing.


Here you Would Have Asentance That Would explain Things

Fredrick Cox
Owner, London

I run a small-scale business and Atam Labels helped me to get personalized cotton and polyester labels for my clothing line.

As these labels are softer and non-itchy, it helped my brand stand apart from the crowd. In addition, as these guys offer great customization in labels, it helped me boost the overall branding of my company and boost sales. For small manufacturers like us, Atam Labels offers flexible pricing and offers great quality even at a limited quantity. I am highly satisfied with their services and product lineup. If you are a small business and looking for premium-quality labels, I can highly recommend Atam labels.

Harsh Patel
Managing Director, New Delhi

Two years back, I started my own micro-size clothing brand and was looking for high-quality labels. After doing market research, I realized that no one provides limited quantity labels at affordable pricing. However, I came across Atam Labels and they solved this problem by offering me personalized and high-quality labels.

Their product lineup was accelerated by business and it helped a lot in my company's branding. The journey from a few customers to more than 1000 customers was easy, thanks to Atam Labels. I have full confidence in this company as they are always prompt to help with any sort of fabrics and design.

Charlie Thomas
Marketing Director, England

Atam Labels is my go-to option when it comes to cotton labels and hang-tags for my brand. I started my company two years back and ATAM Labels helped me in getting started with branding through their high-quality labels. I had no idea back then how to get started with all this stuff.

However, I got whatever I needed based on market demand from this company. I still remember the joy of receiving the first 1,000 labels from Atam and there was no looking back from that point. I can confidently and happily recommend Atam Labels to anyone who is starting out or has a small customer base

Subash Chatterjee
Purchase Manager, Kolkata

I am doing business with Atam Labels for a year now and I am impressed by their products and their prompt service. Regardless of the size of my order, I always received my shipment quickly.

I love doing experiments with my small clothing lineup and their labels fit perfectly to the purpose. I keep changing between cotton labels, hang tags, and so on from Atam Labels and my customers are happy as the tags are of very high quality. My white label clothing business has gone twofold, thanks to their premium quality products at affordable pricing. I can proudly endorse Atam Labels.

Rajdeep Singh
Owner, Lucknow

We are a small company of 12 people and we manufacture personalized printed t-shirts. When I came across Atam Labels, I thought why not use their personalized labels to improve the branding and the overall look & feel of the t-shirts.

Without any second thought, I gave a small order of 1000 labels and I was impressed by the quality that they delivered at competitive pricing. From that point, Atam has become our company's go-to resource for high-quality printed cotton labels. As I am planning to scale my business by increasing production, I will be using Atam Labels services even more.

Coby Burton
Sales Director, UAE

We have just started with a small shirt manufacturing unit and our company was looking for affordable labeling services. Atam Labels played a significant role in redefining our labeling game and we are happy with their cotton and polyester labels. As they offer a wide range of personalization, picking up the right labels becomes much easier and faster.

Our customers also like the labels as they are softer and comfortable. We are quite impressed by the services they are offering to small businesses like us. We would like to highly recommend Atam Labels for offering excellent quality labels for our company.